Hey Hey Hey!! Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July and you're all staying cool in this warm, July weather.  If you have been into the office recently, you noticed there is a new face around.  Joe, has joined our staff to be a summer intern.  We thought we would provide you guys a little bit of a 'spotlight' on Joe and actually, he blogged it himself.. nice work!

Hello everyone,

My name is Joe Jahner.  I am an optometry student and currently working at EHS as a summer intern for 2017.   I have graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Iowa State University and have successfully completed my first year of optometry school.  I am enrolled in the College of Optometry at the University of Missouri, in St. Louis.  I am set to graduate in 2020.  I have not decided if I want to specialize in any particular field yet; however, if I do, it will be in ocular pathology.  I am planning on returning to Iowa after graduation to either work in a private practice or a corporate practice.  I was asked a few questions to provide you guys with a little 'get to know Joe' ..  so here it is--- 

What is your favorite summertime activity and do you have a favorite season?

My favorite summertime activity would have to be exercising outside; however, if I had to choose which season is my favorite, I would say the Fall.  The weather is a bit more forgiving when compared to Summer or Winter in Iowa.  

What did you want to be growing up?

I actually did not even consider Optometry as a profession until my sophomore year at ISU. While attending high school at KHS, I wanted to pursue engineering, either mechanical or chemical, as a profession.

If you could only eat 3 different food items for a whole year, what would they 

I believe in that situation, I could live off of pizza, hamburgers and Doritos.


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