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Technology - OCT

We are excited to introduce our new OCT (optical coherence tomographer). While our previous OCT was only 3 years old, the technology has come a long way to improve the quality of the scans. 

The new instrument features an automatic "pause." Unlike the previous device, this OCT recognizes when a patient moves or blinks. It can pause during the blink and then resume the scan after the patient's eye opens again. This decreases stress on the patient and the technician and eliminates gaps in the scan.
The OCT is a key instrument in diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and a multitude of other retinal disorders. The detail this instrument is able to achieve can also help in diagnosis of ocular complications that are too small for the doctor to see with his or her own eyes.
A great new feature for this instrument is the ability for it to not only scan the retina, but also the front surface of the eye.