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More to come on the blog.....

Greetings all. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. I am going to provide a little direction on what we have planned to do with the blog. When we started the blog we (Dr. Lily and myself) were not sure how we would use it to help our patients. I expect it to evolve over time but initially we are going to use it as a place to send patients to look up things we can't cover during the course of their exam. This is mostly things related to general health and wellness that we could spend hours talking to folks about, but unfortunately can't spend that kind of time during the course of their eye exam.

I know there are many of you out there that want to get healthier and feel better. Our intent is to give some guidelines and ideas to help folks get on the path.

So with that, stay tuned for more.

Jason Maasdam, O.D.