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Employee Spotlight ↕↕

Hey ya'll!  Happy Friday!  It's perfect weather out there today!  And we're back at it here in the office -->  the time has come again for the next Employee Spotlight! Deanna is the lucky one selected this week.  Deanna has been an EHS team member for 13 years, coming up this fall.  As always, a few questions were asked/answered.  I hope everyone enjoys getting to know a little more information about our employees!  So here we go...
What is your favorite part about being an EHS employee?  I love working with people.  Seeing new faces every day and helping them pick out the perfect pair of frames is so fun and challenging.  My coworkers and bosses are the best, so coming to work every day is easy!
Best vacation you've taken? After college I took a trip to London, England with friends and it was a blast!  I love history, castles, and great pubs!  
People would be surprised if they knew... I grew up on a farm. My parents have a popcorn busin…