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Next up for employee spotlight--> Margaret! Margaret is the Insurance Manager, here at EHS! She has been with the Practice for....EXACTLY  17 YEARS!! (today is the day!) 
17 years, on the 17th, in 2017! 
I'd say, a golden anniversary!

Margaret has a very, interesting/ constantly changing and updating/ demanding, position.  Handling insurance definitely can be challenging yet rewarding. She goes above and beyond, working with insurance companies, for the best interest of our patients.  Literally, she could be on the phone for hours!  Much appreciation for Margaret!  
Margaret had 20+ years working in the Optometry field before joining our team. She moved to Knoxville in 1974, when her husband began working at 3M. She now resides in Eddyville.  With her great personality and positive attitude, combined with all of her experience, she is a solid team member!
I took the time to chat with Margaret to ask some questions, for us to get to know a little bit more about her.......

What is …

Employee Spotlight... Matt

Employee Spotlight

Hey all!  Today we're going to post our first ever, Employee Spotlight.
The idea is to just provide a little bit of info about one of us, for a nice, light, entertaining bit of reading material. 
Matt was selected to be the lucky number one!  Matt does a variety of things around the office. A great team player!  He is very well trained in each area, so he is always more than welcome to bounce around from space to space; in hopes of helping anyone and everyone out, in the office. Jack of all trades if you will!  Matt is one of two, Patient Technicians in the office.  He handles a majority of our contact lens ordering, stocking and sorting, in the office.  He works with patients on the insertion and removal of contact lenses.  I have taken a little bit of time, to sit down with Matt and ask him some basic questions.  He's got such a great attitude and personality, needless to say, it was quite an entertaining  'interview' process. 
So here we go.. 
What is you…