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Hello all, the time has come for our next spotlight.  You know the drill.. I'm going to fill you guys up with some 'get to know info' on one of our office employees😉

Anita is a patient technician here at EHS.  Patients will see her before seeing the Doctor's. She runs several tests on patients to prep them for their exam or visit.

She has been an employee at the office for 17 years.  She has done a little bit of everything.. from optical, answering the phone,ordering the pharmaceutical products to contact lens insertion.  
Now she does just focuses on technician work and helps fill in when and wherever is needed.  
She considers herself the office's Physical Plant. She waters flowers/plants, knocks down cobwebs, kills bugs and maintains all of the instruments in the office --
"If something needs fixed, I'm the one"

Here are a few of the questions that I asked Anita..

-What do you like to do in your spare time?

I would love to go to Kansas City every week to see my granddaughter but that isn't possible. I enjoy skyping with her. She is such a joy! Being with family is a high priority! 
I love being outside, planting flowers, gardening,  mowing, keeping my yard up nice. I have several flower beds I take care of. They are a lot of work but I totally enjoy them.
I like to go too garage sales. Nothing is better than finding that great bargain that you can't live without!
We also like to go fishing, and to the sprint car races.

- Are you afraid of anything, if so, what is it?

I am afraid of a mouse! I can kill a snake a spider but a little mouse I can not  handle. I get anxiety just thinking about it. 

-Do you recall an embarassing moments at work?

Yes, but we won't go there!

-Name your favorite band...

I don't have any certain  one, I like the older country songs! George , Reba, Clint, Garth, , Tim McGraw. The band I still remember  would be my first concert-The Beach boys we went to there concert at the Iowa State Fair and we were standing right by the stage. Unforgettable concert! 

-List 3 things to describe yourself...

Not sure about this, people have told me that I am Crafty, Polite, Independent

Welp, there you have it.  I hope everyone enjoyed learning a little bit more about Anita!  Until the next time.. take care and I hope everyone has a nice, safe long weekend.


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